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CoolCop  $49.95

On a hot day there's nothing more uncomfortable than having to wear a T-shirt soaked with sweat. Add a bulletproof vest over it and no amount of air conditioning coming from your car vent is going to keep you cool & dry. CoolCop™ gives you relief!

The CoolCop dash attachment attaches easily into the air conditioning vent. The soft vinyl vest attachment fits comfortably between your vest and undershirt. Cool air is then delivered under your vest to keep you cool, dry and comfortable. Close the additional air vents and adjust the temperature on the a/c unit as needed.

In just minutes, between calls or while report writing, your t-shirt is as dry as it was in briefing!

CoolCop™ comes complete with the dashboard attachment; 6' of crush-proof flex hose and comfortable soft vinyl vest attachment. The Crown Victoria model has a snap in feature. The Universal model installs in minutes with an allen wrench and fits most vehicles including the Impala, Charger, Expedition, Explorer HumVee etc., installs in minutes on the vent louvers with a base plate and dash cup.

Cool Cop Patrol   Coo lCop Dash

CoolSoldier  $49.95

CoolSoldier is the answer to extreme weather and battle field fatigue. CoolSoldier has a universal mounting system that attaches to almost any air vent, including all HumVee's (watch the KozyKennel video installation). CoolSoldier comes with the air vent attachment, 10 feet of hose and a gooseneck body armor attachment. CoolSoldier will reach a HumVee Gunner. Use CoolSoldier to cool down or warm up in minutes, even your boots! Keep a soldier cool, buy a CoolSoldier today!

Cool Soldier   Coo lSoldier Dash

Cool K9 - Kozy Kennel  $69.95

CoolK9 installs in minutes to a vehicle's air conditioning vent and directs conditioned air or heat to a dog crate, barrier or K9 enclosure. CoolK9 was designed for police canines but is also great for anyone who transports dogs including show dogs, gun dogs, sporting dogs, search and rescue or any working dogs. CoolK9 is also great for SUV's with a pet barrier or a truck with camper shell. Show your dog you care and install a CoolK9 today, your CoolK9 will keep your dog more safe, climate controlled and at top performance!

CoolK9 is also a great companion product with a heat alarm. Many police K9 officers have told me they see the kennel area is 10-12 degrees cooler with the passive cooling of CoolK9 monitored by a temperature alarm. By installing a CoolK9, the dog handler does not have to suffer a different temperature in the front of the vehicle or get dog hair blown around from a loud window or kennel fan.

The CoolK9 product includes a dash base plate, an assortment of vent louver clips, 4 vent screws, weather stripping, a dash air vent collection cup, 2 allen screws, an allen wrench,, 10 feet of hose, 4 zip-ties and a kennel discharge cup. CoolK9 is a quality product, made in the USA and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee.

   CoolK9Kozy    Cool K9


Rear-Air is the economic answer to getting air conditioning or heat to the rear air of any vehicle. Great for transportation vehicles that have a partition blocking off sufficient air circulation. Used by corrections, police and sheriff's transportation units, or tactical teams. Rear-Air can also be routed to vehicle trunks to cool mobile computer systems. Rear-Air is also a great way to get air to truck camper shells and dog crates in the back of truck beds.

Cool Cop Rear   Coo Cop Univ

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